Elizabeth Lin

Bad Pun of the Day:

Did you hear about the graphic designer’s dog? It was a Dobie inDesign.

Hello, hello!

I’m Elizabeth, an interactive and UX/UI designer whose hoard of puns is not to be trifled with (as I’m sure you’re already aware).

Having recently graduated from Capilano University’s IDEA School of Design, I am continuously evolving my toolkit with whatever catches my eye – what lands in my web will probably stick. Nonetheless, no matter where my blue-sky imagination takes me, I am consistently grounding my work in accessibility, functionality and people-driven purpose while incorporating white (白) space in-between. Even in my down time, I always seem to be fine-tuning my precision through cross-stitch, crochet, and creative writing.

Want to work together or chat? Come say hey at hey@elizabethlin.ca!