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Cents header image of two app screens


APP design, UX/UI


Cents is a budgeting assistant for young adults who have just entered the workforce. Typically they are overwhelmed by challenges that come with their new financial freedom—from bill-paying to saving for milestones (even if they don’t yet know what those are). Cents gives them a good grasp of budgeting basics and lets them view their finances clearly—in a way that makes sense to them.

Sept – Oct 2020
UX/UI Design, Prototyping, Case Study

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Multitude of Cents screens

Art Direction

Cents is designed to be friendly, elegant, and trendy in order to connect with the audience. Displaying a knowledgable, but also easily digestable interface is important and illustrations have been created to mirror this concept as well, showing a playful side of Cents that eases users.

9 images in a grid of Cents art direction

Lo-Fi Sketches

The main goal is to display information needed in a simple manner. Latest transactions are shown on many screens to remind users about their most recent purchases, allowing them to keep track of their spending. Similarly, filters are also used to detail and organize transactions.

Cents app lofi sketches

Guiding the Brand and UI Elements

Colour Palette

Cents’ colour palette uses two contrasting colours to create interest and delight while also meeting colour accessibility standards.

Cents colour paletteCents colour accessibility


Friendly and professional, Gotham was chosen as Cents’ typeface for its simple characteristics. This is an ideal quality for the app as it made it easy for the user to skim and take in information without compromising brand aesthetic.

Cents typographic scale

Grid System

A 4-column grid system was implemented to keep consistency across screens and future responsive web design.

Cents grid system showcase

Solution: Simple Finances



With reminders in place upon opening the app, users are able to see their current progress for budgeting goals in real time.

Cents dialog screen when app is first openedCents home screen

The Expenses detail screen within “Budgeting” is where an overview of the current month’s purchases can be seen.

User’s progress can be instantly viewed before they scroll down to see transactions in-depth. Elements' sizes, such as filter icons or bar graph, were carefully designed to make sure that touch targets were accessible.

Cents app budgeting detail screen

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